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Tree Advisory Committee

The City is looking for persons to serve on the Tree Advisory Committee. Any resident with a minimum of two years residency may contact Barb Ortiz at, or 330-273-8012.

Commemorative Affairs Board

The City of Brunswick currently has openings on its Commemorative Affairs Board. Members must be registered voters living in the City of Brunswick for a minimum of two years.

Interested parties should contact Council Clerk Barbara Ortiz at 330-273-8012 or at

Rec Center makes room available to nonprofits

Non-profit groups may now use the Arts and Crafts room at the Rec Center for free. To book the room, please call the Rec Center at 330-273-8000.

Planning a block party? Here's where to start

You say your neighborhood would like to hold a party, but you don't know how to get a permit? You can now find the application form right here on the web site. From the main menu of the website, click on City Manager/Safety Director > Safety & CodeRED > Block party application. Just fill out the form, submit it to the City Manager's office, and then break out the limbo stick!

City welcomes new director

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According to his resume, Mr. Aungst's career summary mirrors the City Manager's thoughts. He describes himself as an "experienced leader, manager, director and sales professional, with drive and strong community involvement, with an extensive and diverse range of skills, spanning public and private sectors…" Before joining the City of Brunswick, his most recent position was as Director of Hudson Community Education and Recreation, a position he held since 2009. Aungst's first day with the City of Brunswick will be Monday, May 18th.

Update on WOW construction

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Wood Hollow is 100% complete in all active buildings. Any additional new buildings will be activated in 2015.

Fox Hollow is 50% complete with construction continuing and scheduled to be 100% complete by May 31, 2015.

Residents having questions and concerns can speak to a WOW! local advocate at 614-870-5231.

More scams to watch out for

alertWe've recently been made aware of several scams that have been attempted on Brunswick residents.

One involves "David Washington" from "Publisher's Clearing House", who calls to inform you that you have won a $750,000 prize...but will need to send them 1% of the amount "to cover taxes". If you ask them for a phone number to verify the call, they will give you an 876- area code. 876 is a Jamaican area code, and calling the number can cause you to incur international phone charges.

Another scam call claims to be from IRS officer "Adam Smith" (or another name) and urges you or another person to phone a 917- number regarding IRS business. Again, you can end up being charged for calling that number. Sometimes scammers simulate the actual IRS phone number on your caller ID to make the call seem authentic, and some callers may even know the last four digits of your Social Security number as "proof". Hang up. The IRS does not "cold call" taxpayers.

Is your CodeRED contact information up to date?

Even if you registered before, it’s always a good idea to update your Code Red account information.

Did you move but keep the same phone number?  CodeRED is location specific to keep you up to date on things like water main breaks in your neighborhood, or even missing person reports.  The messages may only reach one street, so be sure your address is updated.

NEW: e-mail and text message options

You can also opt to have e-mail or text messages sent to you during emergency situations.  Plus, you can decide which weather alerts you wish to receive…tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, or winter storm warnings.  The service is customizable for you.  Be sure to add your cellphone and your family’s cell numbers as well.  Keep informed with CodeRED. 

CodeRED signup page

More information about CodeRED

Brunswick really rates!

Last year, Cleveland Magazine rated the suburbs, and Brunswick came in a very admirable 16th. This year we've climbed to 14th!

The factors that go into Cleveland Magazine's evaluation include education, safety, property tax affordability, housing, walkability and public services. The article is available only in the print version of the magazine (not online), but you can preview how Brunswick compares to other suburbs here.

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signGet your garage sale permit online

Residents who would like to hold a garage sale can now fill out an application online. Applicants will receive a confirming e-mail permit from the City. The online application can be found in the Community Development section of the website, and in the Fast Find menu on the front page of the website..

Make Mayor's Court payments online

credit cardsIf you have an appearance scheduled in Mayor's Court and your offense is waiverable, you now have the option of making your payment online instead of in person at City Hall. Visit the Mayor's Court page and check out the section on "Online Payments".

Beware of "Department of Treasurer" hoax in Medina County

From the Medina County Auditor's office:

Please be advised we have been notified of a fraud hoax attempting to be perpetrated on Medina County homeowners.

Two property owners contacted us today relating that they had received phone calls from someone identifying themselves being from the "Department of the Treasurer, Legal Affairs." The caller then quickly indicated there was a lien on the homeowner's property and asked if they had a criminal attorney.

The phone call soon went to a request to send money to prevent police action. There was an attempt by the phone caller to keep the residents on the line for a long period of time.

"This is a fraud that has been perpetrated in other parts of the country," (Auditor Mike) Kovack said, "But it's the first time we've seen it here." He indicated the homeowners said the caller spoke broken English, making it difficult to understand. Additionally, when questions were asked, the caller would put the homeowner on hold for a period of time before returning.

Kovack warned Medina County residents to remember not to give out any personal information to inquiries such as this over the phone, "and never make arrangements to send money to a phone call out of the blue like this." Kovack advised anyone receiving phone calls to contact their local law enforcement agency.

County auditor says storm damage can be deductible

Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack is offering the following advice: if you sustained storm damage on real property, make sure you fill out a Destroyed or Damaged Property form with the County Auditor's office. This will take the destroyed value off your taxes next year.

You must file the form by the end of this year to get full credit. Please note that this applies only to real property, i.e, that on which you pay property taxes. Trees, bushes, cars, etc., do not qualify. For questions, call 330-725-9754.

Loans may be available for residents, businesses to deal with flood damage

Following the heavy rains of May 12-13, 2014, Lorain County received a declaration allowing residents and businesses to apply for low interest SBA loans. This allows contiguous counties, including Medina, to receive the same assistance. Click below for more information.

Press release from Medina County Emergency Management Agency

Letter from Gov. Kasich

City adopts new policy on direct ads, publications

Permits are now required in the City of Brunswick for any business or organization who directly delivers advertising materials, flyers, coupons, newspapers or magazines without a subscription.  To apply for an annual permit, or to learn more, please click here.

Also, please see the City's business questionnaire.

This information is also available in the City Manager's section of the website.