Bicycle Patrol
4095 Center Rd., Brunswick OH 44212

The Bicycle Patrol was originally formed by the Brunswick Division of Police in 1981.  At that time, it was an innovative idea to establish a low profile means to make contact with citizens in a positive way. The City of Dayton is officially recognized as having the oldest bicycle patrol in the State of Ohio and that unit was formed in 1982.  So the Brunswick Division of Police Bicycle Patrol actually predated Dayton by one year.  The Brunswick Bicycle Patrol has evolved in the years since its inception. However, it continues to maintain a positive role in community policing and enforcement throughout the City.

The standard mission of the Bicycle Patrol is: patrol, enforcement, citizen contacts, and use during special events, such as Old Fashioned Days. Bicycle Patrol has also taken a special interest in Safety Town, which is sponsored by the Brunswick City Schools and teaches presentations in bicycle safety.  In 2006, several presentations were also given at various schools by Bike Patrol members.  

The Bicycle Patrol consists of a Sergeant and six Patrol Officers. Bike Patrol Officers are assigned to special events as well as regular patrol duties. An officer assigned to regular patrol will take his bicycle on a rack on a patrol vehicle and as time permits will patrol neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers etc.

A very important part of the Bicycle Patrol is appearing at special events that require up close, personal contact with the citizens.  The Bicycle Patrol was present at the following events in 2006: Safety Fair, Old Fashioned Days, Fishing Derby, Relay for Life, fireworks, and the Fall Foliage tour, and continues to make numerous contacts with citizens, business owners and young people.  On many occasions the Bicycle Patrol also assists normal patrol officers in their duties.

An integral part of meeting the Division’s Community Policing mission, the Bicycle Patrol unit has proven its effectiveness in making valuable contacts with citizens as well as taking enforcement action when needed. It will continue to be a valuable asset to the Brunswick Division of Police now and in the future.