Medina County Public Transit
844-722-3800 ext 9670 or 330-723-9670
  6:20 am - 7:10 pm
  10:20 am - 5:20 pm

  $.50, adults and students
  $.25, senior citizens and handicapped
  Exact fare only, please

BTA (Brunswick Transit Alternative) is a service of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), Medina County Public Transit, and the City of Brunswick.

BTA buses can be boarded at all regularly scheduled stops (map), and anywhere along the routes by simply hailing the drivers.

Free transfers to connecting routes are available to help you reach your destination. Upon boarding the bus, simply inform the driver that you wish to transfer to the next route.

All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and locks for access by persons with disabilities. BTA reserves the right to require boarding with wheelchairs compatible with the accessibility equipment. For special accessibility assistance, please call 844-722-3800.

Special needs (ADA)

The two buses that operate on the two fixed routes will deviate off the route up to 3/4 mile in either direction for an eligible ADA trip request (curb to curb service). Eligible ADA trip requests may be made by calling the ADA coordinator at 330-723-9670 within 24 hours or up to 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled trip. The photo ID card should remain with you at all times as it is universal and can be utilized on any other transit system in the U.S.


If your trip begins and ends in Brunswick, please see the schedule, which should provide you with the appropriate information.

If your trip begins in Brunswick and terminates in Medina County outside of Brunswick, please call Medina County Public Transit (MCPT) at 844-722-3800 x9670 (local call), or visit their website.

For out of county medical trips, please call MCPT at 844-722-3800 x9670.

For trips to Cuyahoga County, the BTA connects directly with route #251 at Laurel Square, or you may park at Laurel Square and directly board the #251 from there. Please see GCRTA's web site for further information.

Free transfers

Any rider that pays a fare on the BTA routes may request a free transfer from the BTA driver to the other BTA route at no additional charge. Additionally, any rider that boards a BTA bus may request a free transfer from the driver enabling the rider to transfer to an MCPT or GCRTA vehicle with no additional fare. Riders transferring to GCRTA at locations outside of Cuyahoga County will need to pay a $1 surcharge for a trip outside of Cuyahoga County.

If you have an questions or comments, please contact the BTA (Brunswick Transit Alternative) MCPT (Medina County Public Transit) at 330-723-9670 from 6:00 am-8:00 pm.