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Boards and commissions

Board of Building Code Appeals

The Board of Building Code Appeals is composed of a five member board. A member cannot hold any other incompatible public or private office. Members are qualified by experience and training about matters pertaining to building construction. It is a three year term. The board hears and decides appeals, and reviews the Building Code every five years.

The current membership consists of Richard Prospal, Ed Tuma, Ryan Denker, Robert Quinn and John C. Egan.


Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is composed of five members serving a term of three years. The board shall have powers to hear and determine appeals from refusal of Building and Zoning permits and to permit exceptions to and variations from the zoning Regulations in individual cases.

The current board membership: James Mussey, Chairman; Carl Consiglio, Vice Chairman; Doreen Hutchinson; Stanley Socha; and Walter Wozniak.


Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is composed of three members serving for a three year term. The commission prescribes, amends and enforces rules for the classification of Civil Service positions. They govern Civil Service employees in the classified service over which the Civil Service Commission has jurisdiction. They also establish entrance and promotional exams.


Commemorative Affairs Board

This board consists of up to seven members serving a three year term. The Mayor, Safety Director and Parks & Recreation Director (or designees) also serve on the board. The board encourages the observance of holidays and special events in the City with the approval of the Administration.


Ethics Board

The Board of Ethics is composed of three members to serve for a term of three years. The Board receives complaints against members of council, officers and employees of the City, and members of any board or commission concerning conduct alleged to be in violation of the Charter or ethical standards. The board may submit advisory opinions with regard to questions concerning ethics, conflicts of interest or other matters involving performance of duties. The board may also recommend legislation, and amendments to council relating to standards of conduct.

The City of Brunswick Ethics Board has set the following schedule of meetings for 2018-2019. Meetings are held at 6 pm at Brunswick City Hall:

  • December 4, 2019: Special Meeting
  • March 5, 2020: Special Meeting
  • June 5, 2020: Special Meeting
  • September 23, 2020: Ethics Board Annual Meeting

Ethics Board Operating Rules & Regulations


Income Tax Board of Review

The legislative authority of each municipal corporation that imposes a tax on income shall maintain a local board of tax review to hear appeals. The local board of tax review shall consist of three members. Two members shall be appointed by the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, but such appointees may not be employees, elected officials, or contractors with the municipal corporation at any time during their term or in the five years immediately preceding the date of appointment. One member shall be appointed by the top administrative official of the municipal corporation. This member may be an employee of the municipal corporation, but may not be the director of finance or equivalent officer, or the tax administrator or other similar official or an employee directly involved in municipal tax matters, or any direct subordinate thereof.

Any person who has been issued an assessment may appeal the assessment to the board created pursuant to this section by filing a request with the board. The request shall be in writing, shall specify the reason or reasons why the assessment should be deemed incorrect or unlawful, and shall be filed within sixty days after the taxpayer receives the assessment. The local board of tax review shall schedule a hearing to be held within sixty days after receiving an appeal of an assessment, unless the taxpayer requests additional time to prepare or waives a hearing. If the taxpayer does not waive the hearing, the taxpayer may appear before the board and may be represented by an attorney at law, certified public accountant, or other representative. The board may allow a hearing to be continued as jointly agreed to by the parties. In such a case, the hearing must be completed within one hundred twenty days after the first day of the hearing unless the parties agree otherwise.

The board may affirm, reverse, or modify the tax administrator’s assessment or any part of that assessment. The board shall issue a final determination on the appeal within ninety days after the board’s final hearing on the appeal, and send a copy of its final determination by ordinary mail to all of the parties to the appeal within fifteen days after issuing the final determination. The taxpayer or the tax administrator may appeal the board’s final determination as provided in section 5717.011 of the Revised Code.


Juvenile Diversion Board

Initiated in 1990 by Brunswick and joined by Brunswick Hills Township and Hinckley Township in 1996, the program is designed to provide juvenile offenders who qualify an alternative to going to Juvenile Court.

The criteria for placement includes:

  • minor offenses, such as damage to property or minor theft
  • all parties have to agree to the placement
  • the offense does not involve alcohol or drugs
  • violence cannot be a second offense

The offender with parent/s appears before the Diversion Board made up of adult representatives from each of the jurisdictions. There is a review of facts and a placement that can include:

  • community service
  • special assignments, i.e. attendance at leadership/responsibility training
  • referral to a mental health agency
  • referral to Juvenile Court

Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is responsible for the orderly development of the Brunswick community. The Commission reviews site and subdivision plans and conditional zoning applications, and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed zoning map or text changes.

Like all Brunswick boards and commissions, Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. The Commission has five members, each serving a three-year term. The voting members are: Joe Shirilla, Chairman; Jeff Arona, Vice Chairman; John Rocha, Recording Secretary; Abbas Hasan; and Brad Saeger. The Commission also includes non-voting members: Council members Andrea Rodriguez, Nick Hanek and Joe Delsanter (on a rotating attendance basis); Consulting City Engineer Matt Jones; and Planning & Zoning Coordinator Pamela A. Plavecski.

The Planning Commission typically meets at 7:30 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month in Council Chambers, 4095 Center Rd.


Agendas for each Commission meeting are published about one week prior to the meeting date and posted on our web site at that time. They are also available in Council chambers during Commission meetings. Meeting notices are mailed to newspapers and anyone else who requests a copy. There are additional notice requirements for development proposals requiring a public hearing.

The meeting procedure is as follows. The Chair announces each agenda item and invites the applicants to the front of the room. The staff report is read and the applicants asked to give a brief overview of their proposal. The Chair then asks for comments from the audience. After comments are heard, the Commission and applicants discuss the proposal and the Commission votes to take the appropriate action (e.g., to approve with changes, to disapprove, to recommend or to table). There is a more formal comment period for public hearings.

Those attending a Commission meeting have an opportunity to comment on each proposal on the agenda. Each agenda includes a public comment period in which audience members can speak on any topic related to the Commission’s functions and activities.


Tree Advisory Committee

This committee consists of three residents who are the voting members and two ad hoc city representatives. The committee meets as needed and promotes and recommends the planting, maintenance, restoration and survival of desirable trees within the city.


Volunteer Fire Fighters Dependents Fund

Two members of this board are appointed residents for a one year term. Two members are elected by the Division of Fire and one member is elected by the board. The board has authority to make all necessary rules and regulations for the handling and processing of claims which may be submitted. They also perform other duties as necessary to carry out the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code.