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Signboard announcements

Brunswick Area Television

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Applicant information (applicant name, address, phone, e-mail) is kept confidential.

Each line of your message may be 13 characters max, including spaces and punctuation.

Before submitting this form, please be sure:

  • your requested run date is at least two weeks from today;
  • you do not have words spread across two lines.

Helpful hints:

  • Abbreviate words where possible.
  • If dates like “Nov. 30” won’t fit, try “11/30”.
  • Avoid using the year in dates at all.
  • Shorten times where possible, such as “7-8:30 pm” instead of “7:00-8:30 pm”. If it’s obvious your event is in the evening, you might even consider dropping the “pm”.
  • If you’re really pressed for space, consider dropping the “330-” area code from the phone number.
  • If you’re still pressed for space, you can eliminate some punctuation, such as writing “St Paul” instead of “St. Paul”.
  • Sometimes even a locale can be abbreviated. “Ambrose” obviously means “St. Ambrose Parish”, for example.

Please note:

When preparing your message, it must be brief and to the point. Use the five Ws as you compose the message: what, when, where, why and who. Message must be kept to a maximum total of 52 characters (4 lines, 13 characters each line), including punctuation and spacing.

Your submission of a signboard announcement signifies that you have read and accept the policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures

Messages posted on the City of Brunswick Community Information Sign must be related to information, services or events presented by non-profit groups, or public, cultural or educational events, or by other groups which do not involve a fee. These groups must operate within, or provide service to the residents of the City of Brunswick. If any fee is involved, you must provide a copy of your non-profit tax status to have your sign considered for a posting. (Policies established 1/1/14.)

  • No political statements for or against a party, individual, levy, etc. will be accepted or displayed.
  • No personal messages will be accepted.
  • All requests must be made by submitting a completed application form (along with non-profit status, if required), either electronically or in print.
  • All announcements will run for a maximum of five consecutive days. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of desired posting date.
  • A maximum of 20 messages will be displayed during one cycle of the Community Information Sign, to maximize visibility of the posted messages. All messages are posted on a first come, first served basis.

The City of Brunswick may, at its sole discretion, edit, delete or reject any message not deemed appropriate. At any time the City, in times of emergency or other situation, may override community messages and utilize the Community Information Sign for purposes of providing emergency or other immediate communications to its residents.