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4095 Center Road
Brunswick Ohio 44212

330-558-6830 phone
330-273-8036 fax

Cliff Calaway
Chief Building Official

Herb Porter
Electric & HVAC Inspector

Drew Flood
Building, Property Maintenance/ Zoning Inspector

Jesse Knight
Property Maintenance/ Zoning Inspector

Julie Broestl
Administrative Assistant

The Division of Building greatly contributes to the City of Brunswick by preserving neighborhoods and ensuring the safety and integrity of the buildings constructed in the City. The division references the Ohio Building Code, Ohio Plumbing Code, Ohio Mechanical Code, International Property Maintenance Code, National Electrical Code, as well as the Brunswick Codified Ordinances.

The Division of Building Administrative Assistant and Inspectors create the most effective and efficient way of providing all services to both your commercial and residential projects. The staff registers building contractors, issues permits, schedules and performs building inspections. The division also performs inspections related to storm water run off and sediment control to meet Ohio EPA requirements.

The Division of Building staff provides residents an involved systematic approach to the enforcement and abatement of any zoning nuisance or property maintenance violation. The City of Brunswick Building Division Inspectors completed over 1300 inspections on property maintenance violations this year. The inspectors take great pride by abating any nuisance that may constitute a blighting or deteriorating effect in the neighborhoods and community.


New forms: Massage establishment application, Minor building permit application and Contractor registration renewal application

Massage establishments
are a conditionally permitted use and require Planning Commission approval.  A certificate of occupancy will not be issued without this approval in place.

The Minor Permit Application is for residential sheds, fences, swimming pools, driveways and extensions, windows, siding, decks, patios, HVAC, hot water tanks, and minor electrical work.

The Contractor Registration Renewal Application is only for contractors that were previously registered with the City.

Click the Forms link in the department menu to access these applications.

Let's share information about water problems

We are pleased to provide you a new page of information about managing storm water problems around your home. Click on the Wet weather flooding info link in the Building menu on this page to read more.

Also as part of its effort, we have created an online survey to help us better pinpoint where weather-related water problems are throughout the City. We’d like to thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey.