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Carl DeForest, left, takes over the job of City Manager.
Brian Ohlin, right, is the City’s new Chief of Police.

Several familiar faces at City Hall have officially taken a step up the administrative ladder.

City Manager Carl DeForest, who has been filling the job on an acting basis for most of the past year, has assumed the role permanently as of June 3, 2017, retiring from his position as Chief of Police. DeForest has been with the Brunswick Division of Police for 25 years, beginning as a patrol officer and moving up the ranks. Prior to that he was a military police officer in the Army for ten years. He was selected for the City Manager role by Brunswick City Council after having served as Acting City Manager twice before.

His former job as Chief now falls to Brian Ohlin, who served as lieutenant and second-in-command in the department prior to being sworn in as Chief last Tuesday, May 27. Like Carl DeForest, Ohlin’s new position becomes official as of June 3.

Chief Ohlin has been with the department for 22 years, having joined as a patrol officer on February 28, 1995. He was promoted to sergeant on April 10, 2000 and appointed Temporary Acting Police Lieutenant in September of 2006. Ohlin was officially promoted to lieutenant on February 15, 2007.

Several others in the Division of Police are also taking a step up. Steve Hoover, promoted from sergeant, will now fill one of the two lieutenant positions. Officer Greg Hayest in turn has been promoted to sergeant, and Ronald DeAmicis has been sworn in as a new patrol officer. Hoover has been with the department for nineteen years, beginning as a patrol officer until he was promoted to sergeant in 2010. Hayest joined the Division of Police in 1999 after serving in Medina Township for four years.


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