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Door-to-door solicitors

City Manager

Door to door solicitors are required to register with the City of Brunswick before conducting any sales. The application form must be processed by the Brunswick Police Department, and approved by the City Manager. Solicitors must also complete a business questionnaire and file it with the Income Tax Department.

If a solicitor arrives on your doorstep, please ask to see their official solicitor’s permit before conducting any transactions. Currently, only the following door-to-door solicitors are authorized to conduct business in Brunswick:


Door-to-door solicitors

CompanyVendor name(s)Expiration date
Christian PetersenGrounds Guys of Medina4-29-17
Victoria Dobbins
Richard Edwards
Dominic Delciappo
Zachary Johnson
Eric Williams
Pedro Guzman
Anthony Gallik
Rebecca TorokDePere Concepts -
Constellation Energy
Richard VozarIGS Energy7-5-17
Rodger McDanielBuckeye Meat Company7-5-17
Chris Heaton
Andrew Schumacher
Star Energy Partners7-19-17


If you are visited by any unregistered solicitors at your home, please contact the Brunswick Division of Police at 330-225-9111.


The City of Brunswick is offering “No Soliciting” signs for its residents to post on their front doors.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these signs, please stop by the City Manager’s office at Brunswick City Hall, 4095 Center Road.