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Now that we’ve seen the last of the snow (we hope), City service crews are starting to fix this past winter’s road damage.

Pothole filling work on asphalt streets began on April 3 and will continue for approximately six to eight weeks. Streets crews will be moving methodically throughout town using a conventional hot patch method to fill holes caused by the winter freeze-thaw cycle.

Concrete streets will get a different treatment. Service Director Paul Barnett says that for the fifth year in a row, Brunswick has hired Patch Management, Inc. to fill holes with what they call the Pothole Killer. Instead of the traditional patching method, the Pothole Killer uses a spray-injection technique to fill holes. This method is particularly effective on concrete, where it has shown itself to be superior to hot patch repairs.

The Pothole Killer began on April 18. It will start in Ward 4 and works its way through to wards 3, 2 and 1 in that order.

The process does leave some loose stone which is swept the following day. Mr. Barnett explains more in this new segment of OnCenter.

Updated April 18 to add information about locations.

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