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4095 Center Road
Brunswick Ohio 44212


Todd Fischer
Finance Director

Awards, achievements, accomplishments and goals:

  • Completed the 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This report was audited by James G. Zupka and the city received an “unqualified” opinion which is the best opinion you can receive.
  • Received our 32nd Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award from the Government Finance Officers Association.
  • Received the Auditor of State Distinction Award noting superior fiscal responsibility and beneficial impact on the community. The Finance Department is also proud to have previously received special recognition and tribute from the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Compiled a realistic 2016 budget, which balances being fiscally responsible while addressing much needed infrastructure projects. The 2016 Budget has also been set-up to provide the best possible services to its residents, businesses, and visitors within the funding sources provided. The budget document is quite extensive, very detailed and is available on the city website  This budget document includes a click and link table of contents to specific areas and is user friendly, informative, and transparent.
  • Successful in retaining its debt rating as a result of its financial practices and “turnaround” results over the last five years.
  • Expanded upon the city’s investment strategy in 2015 and 2016.
  • Revamped and executed a new back-up plan for various positions (payroll, refuse and storm water billing) process through cross-training. Due to staffing limitations and FMLA the city is currently vulnerable with voids in back-ups; however, there are plans in place to continually re-evaluate and establish adequate backups as best as possible. The City is currently evaluating persons that may begin to be the back-up for various positions. Staffing limitations have made it virtually impossible to have adequate backups in place for all positions at all times, however, this doesn’t mean that we don’t try and constantly reassess the situation as new things arise. The city’s financial and billing support staff have been decreased or cut in half during the economic downturn in 2007 putting numerous pressures on vital and extremely important functions, such as payroll, etc. ever since. The support staff has adapted quite well but the days of only knowing a few functions are long gone as it is now important to know numerous functions just to survive. This helps the department to be more efficient and effective than in previous years but it also makes it much harder to have an adequately trained back-up person(s) to fill in when someone is unexpectedly out or emergency situations arise.
  • The Refuse Department implemented a new check scanning software and procedure helping streamline certain process thus allowing for other necessary items or services to be completed.
  • The Tax Department has redesigned the city’s website in regards to Income Tax services as a result of the most recent State Law changes. The Department has also redesigned and revamped many forms, instructions and is currently in the process of developing a helpful guide to help assist taxpayers.
  • Revamped internal controls, policies and/or processes to allow for the elimination of various petty cash accounts throughout the city, handling of bad-debt accounts at the Recreation Center, improvements in postage services and equipment, etc.
  • Continuation of multi-faceted financial plans and practices which has provided the opportunity and allowed for the completion and resurfacing of Hadcock and Grafton in 2015, future completion of North Carpenter Road and the next and final phase of Hadcock Road improvements. None of this was even dreamed possible at this speed just six years ago. The city was also able to expand its set asides for various capital programs involving the city departments in 2016. The 2016 Budget includes one of the largest departmental capital expenditure programs in the past decade as a result of the strides and improvements made to our financial plans but funding is still limited. Although these financial improvements are tremendous and hard to match, it still doesn’t mean that we don’t have many challenges and lack of funding to do what people may expect to be done.
  • Also refer to the 2016 budget summary for city-wide achievements, including many more financial achievements that may or may not have been specifically listed in this report. The city’s financial accomplishments over the past six years are tremendous and may be hard matched by any other government in the State of Ohio. We never settle and are always working to improve but we are extremely prideful of our accomplishments and believe without a doubt that we have made a positive difference for our community.