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Meet the staff

Fire and Rescue

Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief Joshua Erskine joined the City of Brunswick in 2001. He oversees daily fire department operations and also serves as the fire marshal. Josh is certified as a Paramedic, 240-Hour Firefighter, Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and Fire Instructor. Joshua also currently serves as Acting Fire Chief.

Shift members

A Shift

Lt. Kevin Levstek
Lt. Mike Dorocak
Ryan Golan
Wally Sobczyk
Kyle Higginbotham
Kurtis Ziebold
Brad Weitz
Micah Potts

B Shift

Lt. Russ Merhaut
Lt. Guy Storch

Troy Hrdlicka
Paul Morselli
Tim Hubeny
Keith Decumbe
Kris Klang
Dan Crawford

C Shift

Lt. Matthew Payne
Lt. Mathew Agar

Ken Mayer
John Hovan
Don Schrubb
Joe Ondo
Glenn Cunningham
Alex Pekar