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Meet the staff

Fire and Rescue
Fire Chief Jim Baird

Fire Chief Jim Baird


Chief Jim Baird joined the City of Brunswick in 2007. His experience includes Fire/EMS Training Coordinator for the City of Hudson, Ohio, and Fire Instructor at Cuyahoga Community College’s Fire Training Academy.

Chief Baird was also previously with the Fire Department of the City of Mesa, Arizona. He has twenty-eight years of experience as a firefighter, paramedic, engineer and company officer. He is also certified as a Fire Instructor, EMS Instructor, RIT Instructor (RIT Associates) and Driver Training Instructor (VFIS).


Assistant Chief

Asst. Chief Barber has been with the Brunswick Division of Fire since June 28, 2004. He serves as the Operations Officer and Fire Marshal overseeing day to day operations. Barber is currently in charge of the fire prevention bureau. He is as a IAAI Certified Fire Investigator, fire instructor II, fire safety inspector II, paramedic, and Fire Officer IV.

Assistant Fire Chief Rick Barber

Assistant Fire Chief Rick Barber

Prior to coming to Brunswick he served as a Fire Lieutenant with the City of North Royalton. Barber brings to the Division over 30 years of fire service experience. He started out at Neshannock Volunteer Fire Department while in high school. After high school, Rick enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for six years, where he was a Non-Commissioned Officer. While stationed in Southern California, he worked for Orange County Fire Department for four and a half years with a busy Engine 226 as a part-time Firefighter/EMT. After Rick left California to attend paramedic school at the Center for Emergency Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh in 1991, he worked for the Monroeville Fire Department, Station 4. Rick was hired by North Royalton Fire Department in 1994. He became a charter member of the S.E.R.T. fire investigation unit and Rescue Technician on the technical rescue team. Chief Barber is a member of Ohio Region 2 Structural Collapse task force.

Asst. Chief Barber also teaches at Cuyahoga Community College Fire Training Academy teaching Fire Officer 1, 2, 3 and 4 classes. Rick is on the executive chief board of directors for the Medina County All Hazards Technical Rescue Team, and serves as the director for the Incident Management Assistance Team.

Asst. Chief Barber lives in Brunswick with his wife and two boys and their dog Riley. When not at work, Rick can be found on the golf course, coaching baseball or in his workshop.

Shift members

A Shift

Lt. Kevin Levstek
Lt. Josh Erskine

Ryan Golan
Wally Sobczyk
Kyle Higginbotham
Mike Dorocak
Kurtis Ziebold
Brad Weitz



Lt. Russ Merhaut
Lt. Guy Storch

Troy Hrdlicka
Paul Morselli
Micah Potts
Tim Hubeny
Keith Decumbe
John Hovan


C Shift

Lt. Matthew Payne
Lt. Mathew Agar

Ken Mayer
Matt McFadden
Don Schrubb
Joe Ondo
Glenn Cunningham
Kris Klang