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Because of the snow that occurred on Thursday, November 15, the leaf pickup schedule has been updated. Click here to be taken to the leaf pickup page to see the schedule.


Updated story, Nov 7:

The wet weather and lateness of the falling leaves have caused changes in the leaf pickup schedule.

Dates have now been scheduled for most of the third round. (Previously they were listed as TBA.) There will be further updates as determined by weather conditions and other factors. Click here to be taken to the leaf pickup page to see the schedule.


Original story, Oct 18:

The Service Department has released its first list of leaf pickup dates for the City of Brunswick.

Residents should keep these items in mind:

  • Leaf collection is performed on public streets. (Private streets may be covered by a HOA contractor.)
  • The leaf pickup schedule is by necessity fluid. It changes based on both the weather and the volume of leaves collected on any given day. Therefore, please expect to see adjustments in the schedule.
  • Leaf pickup is performed on a ward-by-ward basis.

Full information is contained on our leaf pickup page, including the current schedule, a list of public and private streets, and what you can do if you still have leaves after leaf pickup ends.

(The leaf pickup page is also available via the main menu above under Info for RESIDENTS > Services.)

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