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The initial delivery of trash and recycling carts has been completed, and the City is now following the new collection guidelines.

Starting July 22, residents can call Republic Services at 440-458-5191 for any cart related issues, such as broken parts, requests for additional carts, requests to exchange for a smaller cart, etc. We anticipate a large call volume on July 22 so you may want to wait a few days to call if you are unable to quickly reach an operator. The plan is to swap out carts on the normal day of your collection. The trucks that collect the trash and recycle do not have storage space for the swapping out of carts. Due to this, the contractor will have to send a different truck to do the swap out, so they will need to make sure the containers are empty before the swap out can occur. Therefore the swap out may happen in the evening on your normal trash collection day. Please leave them at the curb on those days or very visible so the contractor can easily see and get to them.

UPDATE: Initial cart delivery complete
Photo: Republic Services

Scroll to the bottom of this page for basic information about the automated trash & recycling system.

 Jul 9, 2019:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday cart set outs: delivery completed. Republic will begin disposing of old trash cans during the regular Monday, Tuesday and Friday trash pickup.

Wednesday cart set outs: delivery 98% complete; should be finished by the end of the day Tuesday, July 9. Republic will begin disposing of old trash cans during the regular Wednesday trash pickup.

Thursday cart set outs: delivery performed over the weekend and Monday, and should be completed Tuesday or Wednesday (July 9, 10). Because these are among the last carts being delivered, Republic will not start disposing of old trash cans until next Thursday (June 18).

Calling Republic: Please wait until July 22 to call Republic to request smaller carts, extra carts, etc. Republic will not have their database ready to take your request until then.

Due to anticipated volumes, it may take two weeks from the time you make your request until it is implemented. Residents making such requests should leave their carts out into the evening of their trash collection day, since crews may be working late.

Jul 3, 2019:

Delivery of new trash and recycling carts to residences in Brunswick is proceeding faster than expected. It’s anticipated that the initial set out will be completed by mid-July. After that time, the contractor will begin addressing any missed addresses, duplicates or other initial issues.

Starting Monday, July 22, Republic Services will be taking calls related to cart issues, swap outs, additional carts, cracked lids, wheels, etc. The number is 440-458-5191, which is also on all the literature that has been provided. 

If any resident wants additional carts, they will be charged a one-time fee of $55 per cart. Residents will need to pay at the time the order is placed with Republic by credit card. The plan is to deliver and or swap out carts on the day of the customers trash collection. It will take a couple of weeks to swap out and deliver the high demand anticipated after the initial rollout.

Please note that the collection trucks for trash and recycle will not do the swap out. An additional crew with a trailer of carts will follow after the collection trucks, so residents who have requested a swap out or repair should leave the carts at the street until late evening. If they are not addressed the first week, they will be the second week.

Also, there have been some modifications with regards to disposing of older trash cans. As stated elsewhere, residents should begin using the new cans immediately after receiving them. To help with the transition, for the first week the contractor will pick up and dispose of older cans in poor condition and smaller containers. Older cans will be disposed of with the second collection.


Previous story:

Trash collection and recycling services in Brunswick are getting an upgrade beginning this July. The new program will be operated by Republic Services, the City’s current trash contractor. It will provide each residence with two carts: one with a black lid for regular trash, and one with a blue lid for recyclables.

The carts will be delivered to homes throughout the City between the weeks of June 24 and July 26. Once residents receive these carts, they should begin using them immediately. Republic will pick up these carts with a truck equipped with a mechanical arm.

After the new carts are delivered, no other types of trash carts or cans may be used. Only those provided by the City will be picked up by Republic’s trucks. (If you leave out other types of cans or carts, the hauler will assume they are trash and dispose of them.)

Here are the essentials:

Items put in the recyclable cart should not be bagged.

Recyclables should be placed loosely in the cart with the blue lid.

Normal trash should be bagged and placed in the cart with the black lid. This includes grass clippings and yard waste.

When the carts are delivered, they will include instructions on how to place them at the curb.

The 96 gallon trash carts will hold approximately five normal bags of trash. If the trash cart is full, residents will be able to place additional bagged trash and bagged yard waste next to the roadway for pickup, up to a maximum of 14 bags.

Large items will still be picked up.

Things like furniture and appliances will still be collected weekly. Remember, however, that appliances must have Freon removed by a certified technician, and refrigerator/freezer doors must be removed.

The City will be providing the carts.

The carts will be the property of the City, and each cart will have a serial number to verify the address. If a cart needs repairs, Republic Services will be responsible.

You can get additional carts.

Residents will have the opportunity to contact the hauler to obtain a maximum of two additional trash carts and two additional recycling carts, for a one time fee of $55 each, which will be paid directly to the hauler.

Recycling is voluntary.

Residents who do not wish to participate in the recycling program will be able to contact the hauler to pick up the recycling cart. The provided trash carts must still be used, however, for automated pickup.

Your collection day will remain the same — but not necessarily the time.

The exact time of collection might change depending on the routes. Two separate trucks will be collecting: one for trash, and one for recyclables. They may come at different times of the day.

So...what's recyclable?


Republic Services has a great information page explaining what can (and can’t) go into the recycling cart.

Rules and regulations


UPDATE: Initial cart delivery completeGo beyond the basics. Here are the instructions that are going to be delivered to your home along with the carts.

See the public meeting


The City recently held three informational meeting for residents. The first was recorded and can be seen on Brunswick Area Television or viewed on demand.