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Brunswick residents and other NOPEC customers should shortly be receiving postcards in the mail describing the utility aggregate’s $9 million Customer Give Back Program. According to NOPEC:

…electric customers will receive a reduced rate on the generation portion of their electric bills this Spring.


On average, the rate reduction will equate to nearly $18 for residential customers and about $39 for small business accounts over the program period.


A portion of these funds came from the settlement NOPEC negotiated with its former supplier. NOPEC is giving those proceeds back to our electric customers served by Ohio Edison and The Illuminating Company — and adding to it — to bring the total give back to $9 million!

The form of the reduction will depend on whether individual customers were enrolled in the program price option of the variable price option. Customers in the former program will see rate reductions in their March to June electric bills. Customers in the latter will receive checks for $18 for each active residential account and $39 for each active commercial account where applicable.

You can read NOPEC’s statement about the Customer Give Back Program here.

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