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FACT (Family Assistance Coalition Team)


FACT exists to identify and meet the needs of families in our community who are experiencing problems. Services can be categorized in three areas: police, school and family.


Police intervention

Generally police officers respond to a domestic dispute and ascertain that there is an ongoing relationship problem. A FACT referral is explained and parties may choose to sign an information release.

Once a release is received, the Brunswick Division of Police Communications Department reviews the report. The information is then forwarded to the appropriate community service providers (listed on the release) who can help the family.

Follow-up contact is typically made with the family within 72 hours. Information regarding the services available is provided.

A comprehensive list of member agencies are listed below.


School extension services

In 1988, the Brunswick Division of Police began placing officers in the schools to help minimize issues such as truancy, bullying, fighting and drug/alcohol use. Officers from Brunswick Hills and Hinckley have also provided services in various schools throughout the district since 1988.

In 1994, FACT began to place mental health professionals in the school. Known as FACT personnel, they work with students referred by school administration to the counselor. Issues they work with can include anger management, depression, grief, family difficulties, healthy relationships or any other area that my interfere with a student’s ability to succeed in school.

Today, the FACT extension has expanded to include Edwards, Visintainer and Willetts Middle Schools as well as Buckeye Middle School, St. Mark’s and St. Ambrose.

Funding for the school extension services is provided through a grant from the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission. This funding is especially important in our efforts to decrease the risk that your children will choose to consume alcohol or use illegal drugs.


Family support services

In 2001, the FACT Committee identified a need for families to have a safe and free place to exchange children and find support. Families needed somewhere other than the police department to take their children. Free services available through this program include:

  • safe place for exchanges
  • monitored exchanges and supervised visitation
  • individual support and family sessions
  • support groups and educational workshops
  • child custody & child support groups
  • legal clinics for families dealing with child custody/support issues

In April of 2003, the visitation program began to serve our community. At first, supervised visits were the only services available. In 2007, 229 individuals participated in more than 3,800 different activities. This included 253 supervised visits and 2,858 monitored exchanges.

Partners in the FACT Visitation Program include:

  • Brunswick Division of Police
  • Oaks Family Care Center
  • Brunswick Rec Center
  • Catholic Charities
  • Kids Town Preschool
  • Children’s Rights Council of Cleveland

In addition, the Ohio Domestic Violence Network will be working with us to review our program and ensure that the highest quality services possible are available in our community.

Funding is provided through a generous grant from the Ohio Office for Criminal Justice Services Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) program (Subgrant #2007-WF-VA5-8815).


Community partners

The FACT Committee is made up of more than 26 different organizations. These organizations work together to provide a wide variety of services to families in crisis. If you are interested in learning more about any of the agencies listed, visit their website or give us a call!


Emergency Services

  • Brunswick Police
  • Brunswick Fire Department
  • Brunswick Hills Police
  • Brunswick Hills Fire Department
  • Hinckley Police

School districts

Community Services

For additional information contact FACT Coordinator/Communications Specialist Rebecca Rak.  (See sidebar for contact information.)