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Special Weapons and Tactics/ Southwest Enforcement Bureau

Above: SWAT team training exercise

When a critical incident occurs in the City of Brunswick, the Division of Police calls on a team of officers that have received specialized training and are specially equipped to deal with dangerous situations such as hostage situations, barricaded persons, high-risk warrant service, explosive devices, and heavily-armed criminals. This team is called SWAT for Special Weapons And Tactics. These officers are assigned to other police duties full-time, and respond as SWAT to emergency incidents when they occur.

The SWAT team is a partnership with many of the police departments in the southwest portion of Cuyahoga County, and is called the Southwest Enforcement Bureau (SEB). SEB consists of a tactical team, hostage negotiation team, sniper/scout team, and a bomb team. This pooling of resources allows the Brunswick Police to have a large amount of technical police knowledge and manpower to handle any critical police situation that occurs.

The Brunswick Division of Police also has a partnership with the Medina County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, by providing one tactical officer and some specialized equipment to that team.

In 2016, the Western Region of the SEB tactical team was activated a record seventeen times:

  • Armed male barricaded, firing shots
  • Armed male barricaded, after attempted sexual assault
  • High risk arrest and search warrants
  • Suicidal male with gun to his head
  • High risk arest and search warrant (two callouts for one case)
  • High risk search warrant
  • High risk search warrant
  • Search for missing child with special needs
  • High risk arrest and search warrants, related to ATM theft
  • Barricaded murder suspect
  • High risk search warrant
  • Dignitary protection detail request from US Secret Service
  • Heroin dealer arrested
  • Male barricaded
  • Dignitary protection detail request from US Secret Service
  • Male barricaded

In 2016, the Medina County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was activated three times:

  • armed male barricaded
  • high risk traffic stop related to armed robbery in Seville
  • twice for standby drug trafficking arrests