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Starting Monday June 12, there will be a change of collection days for some of the City’s current Wednesday trash collection customers. Currently Brunswick has in the neighborhood of 11,400 refuse accounts. This move will switch 688 customers from Wednesday to Monday. Thirty-eight of these being switched are in Ward 1 and 650 are in Ward 3. Every affected customer will receive notification by post card from Republic Waste.

Who is being switched?


  • The following entire streets: Alice, Ambrose, Amherst, Angela, Buckingham, Canterbury, Cory, Dresden Park, East, Ganyard, Judy, Lakeview, Parkview Oval, Rachel, Rolling Hills, Rosewood, Sandra, Sherwood, Taylor, West, Westminster.
  • Specific addresses on the following streets: Grafton, Hadcock, Pearl. (See the refuse schedule if you reside on these streets. The specific addresses that are being changed are listed there.)

Republic is moving 68,000 customers total in this region from Wednesday to Monday pickup because there are too many customers on the Wednesday schedule and too few on Monday. This will even out the work load. Although change is difficult, Monday pickup is the most desirable day for refuse pickup. In the list above, note that when a street is listed without any addresses, the entire street is being switched. For those streets that addresses are listed, only those listed are being moved

Because there may be some confusion during the first week, the contractor has committed to drive the Wednesday routes the first week and pick up any refuse that is still following the old pickup day. They will also drop off information at those locations reminding the customer of the change.

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