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Clean-up Day

Service and Streets/BTA

Clean-up Day is an opportunity to get rid of things like construction materials and other household debris.

Dumpsters will be located at:

  • Service Garage (1238 West 130th)
  • Parks Garage (4383 Center)
  • Recreation Center (3637 Center)

Please note the following items will not be accepted:

  • household hazardous waste
  • automotive hazardous waste
  • appliances containing Freon
  • paint
  • trees
  • shrubbery
  • grass clippings
  • tires

This program is open to City of Brunswick residents only!

When is Clean-up Day?

Clean-up Day is conducted once a year in the City of Brunswick during summer, and is open only to City residents.

See the Calendar in the main menu for scheduled Service Department events.