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Leaf collection

Service and Streets/BTA

After leaf pickup is over…


If you miss or do not wish to wait for the City of Brunswick leaf collection crew, leaves may be bagged for regular refuse pick up. And remember there are many benefits to mulching leaves into your yard and composting leaves.

During leaf collection weeks…


All leaves MUST be at the roadway by 7:30 am the day leaf pickup starts in your ward.  Each round takes more than one day to complete. We will not be able to come back to a house that has put their leaves out after we have passed your address. If you put your leaves out after we have passed your address, you will have to wait until the next round of leaf pickup. You may also bag the leaves and put them out with your trash on your appropriate trash collection day.

Leaves are collected using a vacuum truck. In order for the vacuum hose to reach the leaves they must be placed within 4’ of the edge of the roadway.  Leaves that are further than 4’ from the edge of roadway will not be collected.

For safety reasons, please do not pile leaves around fire hydrants, electrical boxes, cable/phone boxes, telephone poles, light poles or mailboxes.

The exact date of leaf pick up on a particular street is not possible to predict due to weather conditions and quantity of leaves on a particular street. We ask for your patience and understanding while our service crew members work hard to provide this additional service.

When is leaf collection?

Fall leaf collection dates are determined by weather and nature conditions and are subject to change.

Please note that City-provided services such as branch chipping, leaf collection, street sweeping and snow and ice removal are performed on public City streets. Services on private streets are provided by contractors.