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Pearl-Laurel intersection

Motorists may have noticed two roadways in Brunswick where cameras and sensors have been or will be installed.

The Service Department is starting a test of an additive to its road salt. This additive is reported to enhance the properties of salt to melt snow faster, and will work under colder conditions than those at which salt is normally effective. Pictured are the two locations at which the cameras have been installed.

The Grafton Road location at Hadcock does not have the sensors installed yet but does have the camera. Once operational in the next couple of weeks, the department will be taking pictures of the road surface every ten minutes and the sensors will record air temperature, pavement temperature, whether liquid is present on the roadway and whether it is frost, black ice, snow, slush or just water. The Service Department will be using the treated salt at the Laurel/Pearl intersection and standard untreated salt at the Grafton/Hadcock intersection. Once there is a good year’s worth of data, they will be able to determine if the level of success is worth the cost.

Grafton-Hadcock intersection

The Service Department’s goal is to provide a higher level of service at the same or lower cost.

For more information about how the City removes snow and ice, as well as the new salt additive, see this segment of OnCenter.


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