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Frequently asked questions about your cable service

Brunswick Area Television


Are cable rates controlled by any government entity?

No. Cable companies are basically free to increase rates as they see fit, without any oversight. There is no longer a local contract in existence between Spectrum or Wide Open West and the City to provide services to residents. All video franchising is handled through the State of Ohio, Department of Commerce. While our office is happy to answer any calls from concerned residents, you may also express your concerns directly to the Cable TV Consumer Hotline at 1-800-686-7826, or file a complaint online to We are looking forward to the opportunities for savings for consumers once our second video service provider offers its product to our residents.

What kind of problems can the City cable office help out with?

Our office is a good resource if you have an ongoing billing or service problem, and we can normally get your problems resolved in a few phone calls. Programming and rate issues are another story, and we have absolutely no control or input over those.

Will I need a cable box?

Video Service providers are slowly removing analog channels from the basic tier, replacing them with digital signals. These signals are only available by using a converter box. New digital TVs may not receive these channels either. Under federal law, only the lowest tier, or the broadcast basic tier, must be available without a converter box; however, those regulations are being relaxed. Some consumer based products are available for purchase to avoid the use of the cable box, but you must check with your video service provider to make sure it is compatible with your service.

Is Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) the only option for cable service in Brunswick?

Wide Open West cable service is also available our community. Like Spectrum, WOW provides video, voice and data services. Please check with their website for further information about availability.

What about this fiber optic project I've heard about? Will that bring us cable?

The Medina County Fiber Optic project is not designed for cable television services. It is to provide high capacity data transmission along the business corridors in the County. It will bring much needed data service to our industrial park, and offer some competition to Spectrum, WOW and Frontier for business services along Pearl and 303. It is not a residential service.