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CodeRED - Frequently Asked Questions

City Manager
Important information direct from the City to your home: what YOU should know about Brunswick’s CodeRED® service
What is CodeRED and why is it important to me?
CodeRED is a new Brunswick service by which City officials can notify City residents by telephone about emergency situations or critical community alerts. The system is capable of sending messages only to people affected by a particular situation, or, in the case of a widespread emergency like a flood or tornado, to the City’s entire population. The speed of the CodeRED system (up to 60,000 calls per hour) is so great that the City of Brunswick is able to send a message to affected households almost as quickly as City officials become aware of the situation.
Does this mean the City of Brunswick will be calling me constantly?
No. The City of Brunswick respects your privacy. CodeRED will be used only when situations arise that you should know about. The system will be used to send messages only to those residents who are directly affected by a particular event. For example, if you happen to live in an area for which a “boil water” advisory has been issued due to a water main break, CodeRED will call only you and your neighbors to deliver that very important health advisory. If there is a City or region-wide emergency such as a flood or tornado, all Brunswick residents will be called and kept up to date on developments.
For what kinds of situations will CodeRED be used?
Tornados and other types of severe weather, water main breaks, alerts concerning a missing child or adult, road closings, traffic alerts, law enforcement emergencies, hazardous material spills – in short, any and all emergencies and community alerts.
What is the optional Weather Alert service?

You can subscribe to an optional warning service to keep you aware of storm activity as soon as a warning is issued. This service is also free for residents of the City of Brunswick. Within seconds from the time the warning is issued by the National Weather Service, the CodeRED Weather warning option will call your home or cell phone, to alert you of the impending storm. Only those who specifically register for the special weather warning service will be called when the warnings are issued. When filling out your application, remember to check the box for the Weather Warning option.

Why do I need CodeRED when I have radio and TV to keep me informed?

CodeRED is an additional measure of safety the Brunswick City Council and Administration believe all of our residents need and deserve. If power goes out, you may not be able to depend upon radio and TV. However, because telephone lines are self-powered, the City can continue to keep you informed through messages delivered by CodeRED. Even if you have power, CodeRED will probably be able to reach you with important information faster than TV and radio stations can put it on the air. That’s because CodeRED is a direct connection between you and the City of Brunswick. Many emergencies occur without advance warning. In such cases, you may have no reason to turn on a TV or radio. That’s when CodeRED can help City officials alert you immediately and advise you to take appropriate action.

I have a cordless phone, and it does not work when the power goes out. How is the City going to be able to contact me?

There are two ways you can continue to receive telephone messages from the City through CodeRED:


  1. Make sure you have at least one working corded telephone – and be sure to turn the ringer on.
  2. The CodeRED “Residential Data Collection” sign-up form gives you the option of filling in both a primary phone number and an alternate phone number. You can fill in the alternate phone number blank with your cell telephone number, or you can make it your primary phone number if you wish. Entering an alternate phone number will cause both your primary and alternate phone numbers to be called.

Of course, no form of communication is guaranteed to remain in operation under severe conditions such as those produced by a powerful tornado or a flood. CodeRED does widen the safety margin by offering City residents another new and powerful means of learning about vital, timely information.

Do I have to pay extra for CodeRED service?
No. CodeRED is entirely paid for by Brunswick at a cost of about 50 cents per resident per year.
Does the City have my telephone number, or do I have to sign up to receive CodeRED emergency calls?
We strongly encourage you to sign up for CodeRED. After all, you are the most reliable source of information about how to reach your household by phone. Because Brunswick wants to reach everyone affected by an emergency whether or not they have signed up for CodeRED, two Brunswick telephone number databases are already available to the system. One is the emergency 9-1-1 database all public safety agencies in Medina County use whenever someone dials 9-1-1. The other is a database prepared by the company that supplies CodeRED service to the City. Both databases are updated regularly. If you have moved or changed your telephone number recently, you should definitely sign up for CodeRED® service or update information you have already provided. Any new information you supply will automatically replace old information.
How do I sign up for CodeRED?


The City Manager’s section of the Brunswick’s website links to a CodeRED Residential Data Collection Form you can fill out online. This is the quickest, easiest way to sign up because the information you supply will immediately update Brunswick’s CodeRED telephone number database. If you do not have access to the internet, you can visit the Brunswick Community Library. Staff members will assist those without internet access to fill out their information online. For more information, please contact the Division of Police at 330-225-9111.

Can I arrange to have CodeRED call my place of business?
Yes. In the City Manager’s section of the website, click on the CodeRED sign up link. When the Residential Data Collection form opens, click on the button labeled “Click to Switch to Business Data” and fill in the required information. Please note that emergency calls can only be delivered to a direct dial number. Automated attendants will disrupt the process and calls will not be delivered.
Can I choose NOT to receive CodeRED messages?
Yes. Brunswick respects your privacy. If you do not want to receive calls, please notify the City of Brunswick, preferably by completing our Opt Out form, or calling the Brunswick Division of Police at 330-225-9111. However, we strongly advise you to reconsider. CodeRED is designed to make certain you receive fast, accurate emergency information directly from the City officials whose job is to help protect you and your family.
Who provides the CodeRED service? Is the company reputable?
Emergency Communications Network in Ormond Beach, Florida, provides the service to Brunswick. In business since 1996, the company provides CodeRED service to approximately 30 percent of Florida counties and 10 percent of Florida cities. Locally, the City of Brecksville utilizes the system. One of the many reasons Brunswick chose CodeRED was the City of Brecksville’s very positive experience using the system.
I live near Brunswick, but I am not a resident. Can I sign up for CodeRED?
No, unfortunately. Brunswick pays for CodeRED service based on its own population. However, we encourage you to check with the county or city in which you live. Many use automated telephone notification systems to alert residents in times of emergency. For updates, you can also check local news media sources and visit Brunswick’s website. City staff members will regularly check the CodeRED database and eliminate addresses and telephone numbers not located within Brunswick’s borders.
A vitally important service, CodeRED® is yet another way your Brunswick City government is seeking to improve public communications and reach out to citizens. If you have any further questions about CodeRED®, please call the Brunswick Division of Police at 330-225-9111.