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Refuse collection guidelines

Refuse and Storm Water
Refuse collection guidelines

Collection and billing problems

If you have a collection-related problem or questions, call Republic Waste at 800-433-1309 or e-mail refuse collection.

If you have billing problems or questions, call 330-558-6825 or e-mail refuse billing.

For unresolved collection issues, contact the Service Director at 330-558-6804.


Hazardous waste and appliance collection

Hazardous waste collection and freon-containing appliance recycling are scheduled and performed by the Medina County Solid Waste District.

Guidelines governing the collection of solid waste materials and yard waste from residential properties

All municipal solid waste (except excluded items) will be collected once a week between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm at the curb or berm of the road. Items should be placed as close to the road as practical. Call 330-558-6825 to start or discontinue service.

Refuse receptacles/containers
All waste materials shall be placed in non-disposable metal and/or plastic refuse containers in plastic bags. The non-disposable metal and/or plastic containers must be tapered, have two handles and have a maximum capacity of thirty-five gallons; shall not exceed sixty pounds (60#); and shall be no more than four feet (4′) in length. Plastic bags must be securely tied and be of adequate thickness and not exceed thirty-five pounds (35#). Do not use cardboard boxes as trash containers. (Note: spraying of ammonia or bleach on plastic bags will deter animals from scattering trash.)

Placing solid waste/yard waste
Waste must be placed curbside no later than 7:00 am on your collection day, regardless of the actual time of collection. The hours of placing solid waste and yard waste out for for pickup at the curb are:

  • April 1st through October 31st: no earlier than 6:00 pm the day before regularly scheduled pickup day
  • November 1st through March 31st: no earlier than 4:00 pm the day before regularly scheduled pickup day

Materials not collected with normal collection
The following materials will not be collected with normal collection:

Sod; large vehicle parts (over 35 lb.); rocks or large stones; building and/or demolition materials; explosives or flammables; dirt; orchard spoils; concrete; oil; tires; car batteries; household hazardous waste such as acids, alkaline, antifreeze, bleach, cleaners, polishes, disinfectants, iodine, paint (paint hardened in cans will be picked up); pesticides/herbicides; gasoline; kerosene; gas cylinders; solvents (thinners, turpentine, varnishes, strippers); and fluorescent bulbs. Electronics such as TVs, computers, cell phones, VCRs, DVD and CD players can be placed curbside with your regular collection, but please remove any lithium batteries.

Rinse out all containers and remove lids. Do not break glass when mixed with trash.

Automobile tires
Automobile tires must be disposed of at tire dealers, new car dealerships or participating service stations. Call the Medina County Central Processing Facility (330-769-0289) for information on proper management and/or a list of participating service stations.

Playground sets
Playground sets must be cut in four feet (4′) lengths and bundled with heavy cord. Bundles shall not exceed two feet (2′) in diameter.

Black and white newspapers
Black and white newspapers should be tightly placed in regular grocery bags and placed at curbside separate from other garbage and kept dry. Color newspapers and magazines should be discarded with regular trash.

Appliances, bulk or large items such as stoves, washers, refrigerator/freezers
Note: refrigerator and/or freezer doors must be removed.

Refrigeration appliances: Federal law prohibits the disposal of Freon into landfills. Freon must be removed by a certified technician (see “Appliance Repair Businesses” in the yellow pages) who will then label the appliance indicating that the Freon material has been removed. Appliances not labeled, as such, will not be picked up by the refuse hauler. (This includes aid conditioners and dehumidifiers.)

Carpet and padding must be cut in 4′ lengths, bundled weighing no more than 50 lbs. (50#).

Furniture should be disassembled as much as possible and placed curbside with your regular collection. It is suggested that you call Republic Waste (the contracted refuse company) at 440-458-5191 and inform them when you are placing large items out for pickup in order for them to have adequate crew members to complete the collection.

Yard waste
Yard waste will be picked up on the same day as your regular solid waste.

  • Leaves shall be placed in plastic or biodegradable bags for pickup by our contractor throughout the year.
  • Branches must be cut in 4′ lengths and bundled securely with biodegradable twine or rope. Bundles shall not exceed 2′ in diameter for pickup by our contractor and weigh no more than thirty-five pounds (35#).
  • Grass clippings: Residents are encouraged to much their grass clippings back into their yard. Clippings provide valuable nutrients to the soil. Grass clippings will be picked up in plastic or biodegradable bags with other yard waste. Maximum weight is 35 lb. for plastic bags.

Cardboard & large boxes
Cardboard and large boxes should be collapsed and tied in bundles weighing no more than thirty-five pounds (35#) and no more than four feet (4′) in length. Wax liners from cereal boxes should be removed.

Do not crush food or beverage cans. The automated sorting equipment will work better with cans left in their original shape. Cans should be rinsed of all food or contaminents. There is no need to separate aluminum from steel or bi-metal cans. Make a ball out of aluminum foil (3-5″ in diameter).

Rinse out all plastic containers and remove tops and lids.

Food waste
Wet wastes, including food wastes, may contaminate some recyclables. If you discard food waste or other wet wastes, keep them in a separate refuse bag.

Waste oil
Waste oil (used motor oil) cannot be disposed of with your regular trash. Used motor oil is recyclable. Several local service stations will accept used motor oil in minimal quantities (5 gallons of less). Call the Medina County Central Processing Facility (330-769-0289) for information on proper management and/or a list of participating service stations.

Sharp & needle disposal
Place sharps and related medical waste in a rigid water or detergent bottle with a tight fitting lid. Alternatively, you may dispose the needles in commercial medical waste needle disposal containers available at most local pharmacies and place them in you regular garbage container for pickup.

Christmas trees
Christmas trees will be collected the first two weeks in January on your regularly scheduled collection day. Please remove all tree bags, ornaments, tinsel, etc. and cut trees taller than six feet (6′) in half.

Delays in collection
Delays in collection may occur occasionally due to inclement weather or official holidays. However, the Service Department should be notified of any collections that are missed on a regular basis.

Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. When a holiday falls on a weekday, the collection for that day and all following days of that week will be one (1) day late with Friday pickup being on Saturday.