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Round 4 will be the final round of bulk leaf collection. After Round 4, the only way to dispose of leaves is to bag them and put them out with your normal trash.

Round 4
Ward 1December 3
Ward 2December 4
Ward 3December 5
Ward 4December 6

The one thing about the new schedule is that mother nature will force changes, so please visit this site often for updates. Note that all leaves need to be within 4’ of the edge of the roadway and the start date for your ward at 7:30 am is when all the leaves need to be out. Once collection starts there will be one pass through the ward and then it will move on to the next. Crews do not have the time to backtrack to collect if your leaves are placed out after collection has gone by.

Leaf pickup schedule

Basic information about leaf collection:

  • Leaf collection is performed on public streets. (Private streets may be covered by a HOA contractor.)
  • The leaf pickup schedule is by necessity fluid. It changes based on both the weather and the volume of leaves collected on any given day. Therefore, please expect to see adjustments in the schedule.
  • Leaf pickup is performed on a ward-by-ward basis.

Full information is contained on our leaf pickup page, including the current schedule, a list of public and private streets, and what you can do if you still have leaves after leaf pickup ends.

Please note that your leaves must be raked to within 4′ of the curb in order for the hoses to reach them.

(The leaf pickup page is also available via the main menu above under Info for RESIDENTS > Services.)