Residents are encouraged to update CodeRED contacts

TUESDAY, JUNE 24 -- Last night the City of Brunswick experienced a severe thunderstorm that produced a tornado. There has been concern expressed about the lack of a warning from the outdoor warning sirens. The outdoor warning sirens were removed from service in August of 2008, following security concerns due to numerous false alarms being set off by hackers. Upon review and the availability of technological advancements, the City opted to contract with the CodeRED system for emergency contacts. Through our partnership with Brunswick Hills Township, their residents are also covered by the service.

While the sirens were mainly to alert those outside, the mass notification system CodeRED was determined to be the best overall solution as it can place calls directly to home phones or mobile phones, or utilize text and email depending on the situation. The service can be used for many other situations and has been used successfully to notify residents of missing persons, amber alerts and flooding assistance, to name a few.

The City relies on the expertise of the National Weather Service to issue the weather alerts associated with CodeRED. Residents must opt in to receive the weather alerts and unfortunately some have not signed up to be notified of weather alerts. However, as Brunswick experienced last evening, a severe thunderstorm warning means that the storms could bring damaging winds, large hail or tornadoes without further notice, as the National Weather Service and local meteorologists have confirmed. As with any warning system, it is only basic information that encourages residents to take shelter and utilize local media outlets for more information. In this case the local media reported that there were not any weather signatures indicating a tornado and no tornado warnings were issued so the outdoor warning system would not have been activated.

Last night the CodeRED call went out at 6:56 p.m. based on the National Weather Service alert. The system placed 8,789 attempts on 7,272 phones. All of these calls were placed within two minutes of the National Weather Service bulletin.

We encourage all residents to visit the City of Brunswick website at to update their CodeRED contact information. Our residents' safety is our utmost concern, and we encourage everyone to verify their enrollment today.

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Beware of "Department of Treasurer" hoax in Medina County

alertFrom the Medina County Auditor's office:

Please be advised we have been notified of a fraud hoax attempting to be perpetrated on Medina County homeowners.

Two property owners contacted us today relating that they had received phone calls from someone identifying themselves being from the "Department of the Treasurer, Legal Affairs." The caller then quickly indicated there was a lien on the homeowner's property and asked if they had a criminal attorney. (continued)

signNEW: Get your garage sale permit online

Residents who would like to hold a garage sale can now fill out an application online. Applicants will receive a confirming e-mail permit from the City. The online application can be found in the Community Development section of the website, and in the Fast Find menu above.

Brunswick on The Weather Channel:
Why there was no tornado warning

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credit cardsIf you have an appearance scheduled in Mayor's Court and your offense is waiverable, you now have the option of making your payment online instead of in person at City Hall. Visit the Mayor's Court page and check out the section on "Online Payments".

Brunswick really rates!

Last year, Cleveland Magazine rated the suburbs, and Brunswick came in a very admirable 16th. This year we've climbed to 14th!

The factors that go into Cleveland Magazine's evaluation include education, safety, property tax affordability, housing, walkability and public services. The article is available only in the print version of the magazine (not online), but you can preview how Brunswick compares to other suburbs here.

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