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Community and Economic Development

Some of the major responsibilities of the Community and Economic Development department include the following:

  • Basic city planning activities, including liaison to the Brunswick City Planning Commission
  • Brunswick’s annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program
  • Brunswick Town Center project
  • Pearl and Center Road Corridor Plan
  • The Updated Comprehensive Plan will provide Brunswick residents with a direction for future growth through the year 2020. A Comprehensive Plan is a vision for a community; the Plan looks to balance development, needed services, and community character to secure a high quality of life for all residents. This Plan will enable the City to have a policy guide and blueprint for future development that illustrates a commitment to the existing quality of life that residents now enjoy. The Plan was adopted by City Council on November 28, 2005, Ordinance No. 130-05. The Plan was prepared by Buffalo, New York consulting firm Peter J. Smith and Company, with assistance from a steering committee of Brunswick residents.

Looking for a location?

 The City publishes a list of available business properties.

PY 2014 CHIP Grant program

The City of Medina in partnership with the cities of Brunswick and Wadsworth recently received a Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP) grant in the amount of $1.2 million from the Ohio Development Services Agency. The grant provides for basic housing activities, primarily owner home repairs, owner-occupied private rehabilitation, and down payment assistance/rehab. Please read the full application for more details. Assistance will also be provided to households in Medina and Wadsworth. The balance of the grant provides for fair housing and administration. All participants must meet eligibility requirements and be within the income guidelines for the program.

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Phyllis A. Dunlap (440-530-2230) or George Zokle (330-746-1200) of CT Consultants.

Community Reinvestment Area

Could you remodel or upgrade your residence and be eligible for tax abatement? The Community Reinvestment Area program offers incentives to make certain improvements (such as additions and enlargements) to your home, and earn a property tax reduction for a fixed number of years.

Read the brochure to find out more!