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Apartment Liaison


Approximately 18% of the Brunswick population reside in apartments within the City.

There are unique issues that arise in the apartment complex environment. Consequently, the program is designed to work with apartment ownership, management and residents to resolve some of the traditional problems (i.e. loud parties, damage, theft and other nuisances).

The following are apartment complexes where the program is active:

  • Aspen Lake
  • Beverly Hills
  • Parkwood Village
  • Chalet
  • Clearbrook
  • Cross Creek
  • Forest Hills
  • Hickory Hills/Hemlock Court
  • Innercircle Condos
  • Laurel Hill Apartments
  • Manhattan
  • Old Mill/Fairhill Gardens
  • Southwick
  • Town Center
  • The Village
  • Woodgate

For additional information, contact Sgt. Jon Page. See the Contact us module in the sidebar.