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4095 Center Road
Brunswick Ohio 44212


Todd Fischer
Finance Director

Awards, achievements, accomplishments and goals:

  • AccomplishmentsCompleted and released the 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  This report was audited by the Rea & Associates, Inc. and the City of Brunswick received an “unqualified” opinion which is the best opinion you can receive. 
  • Received their 35th Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award from the Government Finance Officers Association.
  • Received the Auditor of State Distinction Award noting superior fiscal responsibility and beneficial impact on the community. 
  • Compiled the 2019 budget, which balances being fiscally responsible while addressing much needed infrastructure projects.  The 2019 Budget has also been set-up to provide the best possible services to its residents, businesses, and visitors.  The budget document is quite extensive, very detailed and is available here.  This budget document includes a click and link table of contents to specific areas and is user friendly, informative, and transparent. 
  • Amended the City’s Investment Policy in 2018 for the first time in a long time.  We also increased interest earnings for the ninth year in a row.  The General Fund interest receipts on a cash basis were 4,209% higher than that earned in 2010.
  • Continually rolling out new back-up plans for various positions (payroll, accounts payable, refuse and storm water billing) through cross-training.  We regularly re-evaluate and train backups as best as possible.  However, due to staffing limitations it has made it very difficult to have adequate backups in place for all positions and situations.
  • The Finance Director and Assistant Finance Director presented to the Auditor of State’s Local Government Services Division and the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association.  Our presentation was titled “Turning Financial Distress into Financial Success.”  Our goals were to reconnect with our counterparts, give back to our profession, share our financial story and learn from one another.  A representative of the Auditor of State has recently reached out to us and asked if we could present at the state-wide government training in March 2019.  We have accepted the invitation and look forward to presenting.
  • Continuation of multi-faceted financial plans and practices which has provided the opportunity and allowed for the completion and resurfacing of many road improvements.  None of this was even dreamed possible just nine years ago.
  • Refer to the 2019 budget summary for city-wide achievements, including a few more financial achievements that may or may not have been specifically listed in this report.  The city’s financial accomplishments over the past nine years are tremendous and may be hard matched by any other government in the State of Ohio.  We never settle and are always working to improve, but we are extremely proud of our accomplishments and believe without a doubt that we have made a positive difference for our community.