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Property tax

Income Tax

Finance and Income Tax
4095 Center Road
Brunswick Ohio 44212

Susan Burke
Chief Income Tax Clerk

All property taxes in Medina County (including all property located in the City of Brunswick) are valued, appraised and administered by the Medina County Auditor’s Office. Any questions regarding your property tax valuation should be addressed to the County Auditor’s Office.

Property tax billing and payments are administered through the Medina County Treasurer’s Office including methods of payment as well as the current property tax rates. All questions regarding the payment of your property taxes should be addressed to the Treasurer’s Office.

Annual property tax billing is usually sent in January of each year and is payable in two equal payments due in February and July payable to the Medina County Treasurer’s Office. If there are any special assessments on your property, those would be in addition to the sample calculation above and would be included on your billing.

Special Assessments: A compulsory levy made against certain properties to allocate all or part of the cost of the improvement back to those properties that are deemed to have benefited from the improvement.

Special assessments can be levied as part of public road or works improvements such as roads, storm sewers, sidewalks, etc. Additionally, the City of Brunswick assesses for delinquent refuse billing accounts and for the cutting of high grass/weeds.

Questions regarding any City levied special assessments can be made to the Finance Department.

Medina County Auditor
144 North Broadway Street
Medina, OH 44256
844-722-3800 ext. 9754 phone
330-725-9136 fax

Medina County Treasurer
144 North Broadway Street
Medina, OH 44256
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