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Park rules


Since the early 1970s, land within Brunswick has been purchased or donated to the City for the purpose of recreation, education and preservation. Over the years these properties have been developed into city parks for the citizens of Brunswick which in turn have provided many personal benefits. The City parks system totals almost 335 acres and consists of 20 parks. The Brunswick Parks & Recreation Department take pride in the care and upkeep of these park sites and their facilities. The department promotes good stewardship and hopes to provide many enjoyable and safe experiences to all who visit our parks. The protection of these resources is even more vital today than ever before. The Brunswick Police Department, with the assistance of the park’s staff and residents, patrols and helps in the enforcement of the park rules and regulations.

The Brunswick Parks & Recreation Department prohibits:

  • Damaging, disturbing or removing any part of a park site including animal and plant life
  • Hunting, trapping or killing any animal found in a park
  • Dumping or storage of personal items which includes yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches)
  • Unleashed pets. Leash not more than six feet long; all excrement must be disposed of in trash receptacles. (Unleased dogs are permitted in the dog park.)
  • Open fires/burning or fireworks
  • Alcoholic beverages on City grounds
  • Off-road vehicles or snowmobiling
  • Bikes, skateboards, roller blades or skates on tennis courts
    Park hours are between sunrise and sunset daily, unless otherwise posted.

No fishing license is required to fish at any City park (Brunswick Lake, North Park, Pepperwood Park, Rolling Hills Park) .

Any questions concerning rules and regulations can be directed to the Parks Department at 330-558-6840.

If you ever see anyone or any activity that has a negative impact on any of our parks or facilities PLEASE contact the Brunswick Police Department at 330-225-9111.

These are your parks to enjoy for years to come. Protect them!